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Snatch 113kg

Snatch from the meet today.

Snatches from the meet today. I had a silly miss at 107kg then moved on from there. 

One of the best weightlifting coaches in the game Mr. Enver TURKELERI 

Member of Iranian weightlifting team. 

Member of Iranian weightlifting team. 

Recent lifting progress

I started squatting with a wider stance and really drilling my bottom position in the snatch and now that a few months have passed I am finally making solid progress with consistently hitting decent depth with heavier loads. Over the past 5 weeks I made a pr power snatch @110kg / pr full snatch @120kg  with straps after missing it about 6 times ( I know, misses like that are not good. I have plenty of strength it was just a little off). Recently some of the newer mobility work I have been incorporating for my front rack position has been paying off big time. By far my jerk is the limiting factor with my lifts. I have a tiny elbow lockout issue, but my front rack position is so uncomfortable that I rush all my jerks at sub maximal weights. This lack of mobility also has caused me to over extend my back a lot which puts me in a poor position for split jerks. I believe this new comfort with my front rack will pay off big time and allow me to utilize strength that I have had ready to use for YEARS. As usual the legs are still strong as hell and a complete non issue. On a positive note, my squats are finally starting to feel better during my morning sessions. When I first started training twice a day I had a hard time waking my legs up for squats. It appears that I am over that hump now. 


Need some help from my real weightlifter buddies. Struggled pretty hard with my snatches from knee today. @alexqmaclin @mike_bledsoe @douglaselarson @attitudenation @jaredenderton @astuartfwl @mackel_knolton (at Faction Strength & Conditioning) 

You’re catching that bar high and riding it down and collapsing on that 80kg hang snatch. Even with the reps with 40kg you look soft on the turn over and catch portion of the lift. These lifts from the hang really require a fast dedicated sit for them to be made. Do whatever you have to do to sit fast. If that means stomping your feet, then do that, if you move faster doing something else then play with that too. I love doing hang snatches for triples at a moderate weight. I believe that we really learn how to snatch on those last reps. Hopefully that helps and good luck with your lifting. 


Евстюхина Надежда displaying true beauty and strength.